Activity Areas

SERGONSA is distinguished by turn every project into something unique, innovative and adapted to customer needs and market demand. Our agile and dynamic structure allows us to develop Civil Infrastructure projects, Residential and Non-Residential Building Construction, Industrial Construction, Maintenance and Facilities.


With the intention of contributing to the well-being and economic development of our social environment, in our building division we make every construction project something unique, adapting it to the client’s needs and market demands, bringing together design and functionality. At SERGONSA we focus our attention on every part of the project from its conception until completion, giving advice to the client every step of the way allowing their ideas to become reality.

Residential Developments: we undertake the project from the site development to the total completion of the building.

Single-family homes: We build your house paying great attention to every detail so that it will be long-lasting and functional. We give advice to the client throughout the process.

Commercial Premises: We can take care of the renovation or refurbishment of your business, participating also in its design. We can help turn your ideas into reality.

Refurbishments and renovations: We will bring any type of building up to date, either inside or out. Entrust us with your home or premises and we will carry out the job in the shortest time-frame possible.

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SERGONSA strives to provide a different style of integrated management in industrial plant construction projects, incorporating constant innovation relating to sustainability and the improvement of the corporate image of our client. We work to adapt to the image policies of each company in every project. With that in mind, we have incorporated innovative communication and management systems into our projects, progress reports and work safety.

We plan, manage and build projects of every type, from industrial warehouses with all the necessary infrastructures for them to be put into operation, to the refurbishment of commercial premises, offices, storage spaces and workshops, bringing them up to date to obtain greater productivity and effectiveness.

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We carry out work both for the public and the private sector, groundwork such as earthmoving, pipelines and networks, flooring, environmental work, road construction, housing developments, communication and maritime work such as breakwaters and coastal infrastructures.

We work throughout the public sector, providing a complete construction, building, repairs, refurbishment, renovation and maintenance service to diverse institutions. Each and every project is of great importance to us and we strive to be the benchmark among companies working in the public sector through our dedication to service.

We put all our technical and human resources behind every project in order to adapt to the environment and extend the lifespan of every infrastructure and benefit society.

We keep in constant contact with our clients to fully understand their current and future needs, collaborating with them to improve the final result and aiming to fulfil their requirements and satisfy their expectations.

As we are aware of the environmental impact of our activities, we concentrate our efforts on minimising the negative aspects and maximising any beneficial aspects our activities may have on the environment. The correct management of waste, the re-use of materials and environmental protection as well as availing of resources and establishing the means necessary for the prevention of environmental accidents, are our aims.

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Facility maintenance is carried out by specialised staff which guarantees optimal functioning and lengthens their lifespan. In addition we carry out, by our own means, hydraulic works (water supply and sanitation, pumps…) and we can coordinate any other type of facility under the supervision of a technician responsible for each area. We can give advice about the use of new technologies and the appropriate materials for each facility. Proper maintenance will lengthen the facilities’ lifespan, making them more cost-effective for the company that depends on them. We also bear in mind the energy efficiency of the facilities with the intention of improving every project.

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