Corporative Social Responsability


SERGONSA assumes responsibility for the compliance with national and international legislation which is currently in place.


At SERGONSA we also understand Corporate Responsibility as an ethical commitment to all those who participate in our value-chain and all the geographic areas in which we carry out our activities.

Therefore, we carry out responsible activities with the collective benefit of all involved in mind in the following fields:


  • Excellence in labor relations
  • Prevention in all activities
  • Commitment toquality and environment
  • Service culture
  • Public and innovative vocation
  • Trust relationships with all stakeholders
  • Search for societal benefits
  • Creating value

concepto de ecología Businessman With Eco Friendly House All for one Sketch of an architect Team aus Arbeiter und Businessfrau

SERGONSA, attending on the commitment contracted with its Clients, arranges the necessary resources to make sure that the products and given services are sure, trustworthy and fulfill the specifications, norms and codes applicable to its activity of construction and rehabilitation of buildings, civil work and industrial work.

SERGONSA conscious of the environmental impact of its activity, concentrates the efforts of its organizationon in the minimization of the negative aspects and on the promotion of the profitable aspects for the environment associated with the same one.


SERGONSAwe are conscious of the importance of guaranteeing the safety and health of the workpeople and of the conservation of the jobs, the heritage and the continuity of the company.